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Skunk Fu!

Skunk Fu! (2007)

Skunk Fu!

Skunk Fu! is an Irish animated children's television series featuring the fables of anthropomorphic animals protecting their valley using martial arts. The show chronicles the adventures of young Skunk, training with his Kung Fu master, Panda, with support of Rabbit, Fox, Turtle, and others, who directly, or inadvertently, also help Skunk grow. The show received mixed reviews from critics and won the IFTA award for "Best Animation". In addition to an English sound track, an Irish language, French language, Japanese language and Dutch language soundtracks were initially produced.

Просмотры: 153
Премьера: 2007-09-22
Сезоны: 1
  • Страна: AU, GB
  • Язык: En
  • Длит.: 12

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