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Jan 8, 1908 В St. Pancras, London, England, UK
Movie/TV Credits:
В movie Follow the Lady 1933-01-01
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Фильм The Bells Go Down Brookes 1943-05-16
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Фильм Headline Dell 1943-11-16
Фильм Suspected Person Saunders 1942-06-01
Фильм They Flew Alone Scotty 1942-06-29
Фильм Freedom Radio Radio Location Aerial Operator 1941-02-04
Фильм They Came by Night Undetermined Role 1940-06-01
Фильм Farewell Again Minor Role 1937-01-05
Фильм The Crimson Circle 1936-08-10
Фильм Midnight at Madame Tussaud's Stubbs 1936-12-03
Фильм The Guv'nor Car Salesman 1935-10-01
Фильм Follow the Lady Mike Martindale 1933-01-01