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Jul 2, 1957 В Calgary, Alberta, Canada
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В movie Timeline: The History of WWE 1992
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Фильм WWE SummerSlam 1993 Himself 1993-08-30
Фильм WWE WrestleMania VIII Himself 1992-04-05
Фильм WWE U.K. Rampage 1992 1992-04-19
Фильм WWE Survivor Series 1992 Himself 1992-11-25
Фильм WWE SummerSlam 1992 Himself 1992-08-29
Фильм WWE Royal Rumble 1991 Bret 'The Hitman' Hart 1991-01-19
Фильм WWE WrestleMania VII Himself 1991-03-24
Фильм WWE SummerSlam 1991 Himself 1991-08-26
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Фильм WWF/AJPW/NJPW Wrestling Summit 1990-04-13
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Фильм WWE WrestleMania V Himself 1989-04-02
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Фильм WWE WrestleMania IV Bret "Hitman" Hart 1988-03-27
Фильм WWE Royal Rumble 1988 Himself 1988-01-24
Фильм WWE Survivor Series 1988 Bret "Hitman" Hart 1988-11-24
Фильм WWE WrestleFest Himself 1988-07-31
Фильм WWE Survivor Series 1987 Bret "Hitman" Hart 1987-11-26
Фильм WWE WrestleMania III Bret "Hit Man" Hart 1987-03-29
Series WWF Wrestling Challenge 1986-09-07
Фильм Рестлмания 2 Bret "Hit Man" Hart 1986-04-07
Series Saturday Night's Main Event 1985-05-10