Le fils de Gascogne

Le fils de Gascogne (1995)

Le fils de Gascogne

You're a provincial kid in Paris and suddenly you're the center of attention: Movie stars, famous directors and sexy women are doting on you because they all think you're the son of their long-dead legendary friend. You never knew your dad, but the facts of this famous guy's life suggest that he might have fathered you. Your mom tells you nothing. All the fuss makes you uncomfortable at first but soon you find it's rather fun to be the son of the famous Gascogne. And in the midst of it all you fall in love. It is, after all, springtime in Paris.

  • Pascal Aubier


Просмотры: 247
Премьера: 1995-02-18
themoviedb icon 5.0/10
  • Страна: FR
  • Язык: Français | Український
  • Длит.: 106

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