The Vampire's Curse

The Vampire's Curse (1998)

The Vampire's Curse

Chris (Tina Krause) is house sitting on a hot and sweltering summer night. Bored and unable to sleep, she ends up reading an ancient text. But she fails to heed the warning at the beginning of the book and her actions begin a chain reaction that will have terrible consequences for all those involved! As she reads the 2 stories, she imagines her friends as the characters in the book. In the first story, a gypsy whose sister has been murdered vows revenge against the man responsible and his wife who has lied to protect him. The second tale follows two explorers as they search for Vlad, the Impaler’s tomb. As Chris continues to read the stories within, the spell becomes stronger and stronger until the curse can no longer be contained and Chris finds herself transformed into a demon vampire out for blood.

  • Gary Whitson

Просмотры: 108
Премьера: 1998-01-01
  • Страна: US
  • Язык: en

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