A Long Long Long Night of Love

A Long Long Long Night of Love (2001)

Una Lunga Lunga Lunga Notte D'amore

Reporter Marcello has a brief encounter with Irene while waiting for a train. A young woman who has lost her sight finds herself falling for the voice of a ship's captain she hears over a radio broadcast. Egle, a massage therapist who is soon to be married, finds herself pursuing one last fling with Gabriele -- though the odds are not in her favor, since he happens to be gay. Elena is a young woman with a child who wants to abandon her husband. And Carla wonders if she has any future at all with her lover -- who is married to someone else.

  • Luciano Emmer

Просмотры: 96
Премьера: 2001-02-23
  • Язык: Italiano
  • Длит.: 102

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