Purple Fog at the Shore

Purple Fog at the Shore (1981)

Kabut Ungu di Bibir Pantai

Arrogant photographer Yanto (Ray Sahetapy) all but ignores his pregnant wife, Lastri (Minati Atmanegara), leaving her at home with her parents while he carries on an affair with his new assistant, Yatti (Dian Ariestya). When Lastri catches the two having sex, a fight ensues and Yanto accidentally kills her. He and his mistress then bury the body to cover their tracks but Yanti's spirit vengeance-seeking returns. With snakes.

  • Dasri Yacob


Просмотры: 15
Премьера: 1981-01-01
  • Язык: Bahasa indonesia
  • Длит.: 103

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