Who Is This Kusturica?

Who Is This Kusturica? (2013)

Кто такой этот Кустурица?

Emir Kusturica views himself as a rock musician and believes that he became a world-famous filmmaker by pure chance, as he shoots his movies only in between concert tours with the “No Smoking Orchestra” band. At these little pinpoints of time he gets “Palms d’Or” at Cannes, “Golden Lions” in Venice, builds his own villages, a power plant and a piste and regrets not becoming a professional football player. Kusturica’s own living is very much similar to his movies, where shoes are polished with cats, death is treated like a story from tabloid press, and life is a miracle...

  • Natalya Gugueva


Просмотры: 12
Премьера: 2013-08-23
  • Страна: RU
  • Язык: English | Pусский | Srpski
  • Длит.: 92

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