The System Within

The System Within (2006)

The System Within

Tony "Wise" Good, is an internationally famous model. He fought his way out of the inner city and rocketed straight to the top. He had it all... The career, the trophy wife, fame, fortune and all the luxuries that come with success. But his swift rise to the top did not take him high enough to protect him from the sudden fall he was about to experience. The corrupt corporate world, the government's support and participation in that corruption, and the jealousy and greed of people he knew best, all lead to a rapid downward spiral into a living hell.

  • Dale Resteghini

Просмотры: 63
Премьера: 2006-01-01
  • Язык: English
  • Длит.: 107
  • Бюджет: $500,000

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