Oblivious Memory

Oblivious Memory (2016)

Quase Memória

Carlos is a man doomed by restless memories, that meets with himself, in a time warp. Young Carlos faces the forgetfulness of old Carlos, who doesn't recognize his own appearance. They get a package. But the package seems odd. The knot that ties, the smell, the handwriting on the envelope: this could only be sent by his father, Ernesto, who has been dead for many years. A father who always created unusual situations. In this time warp, Carlos is split in two: one Carlos remembers and the other forgets the moments he spent with his father.

  • Ruy Guerra


Просмотры: 74
Премьера: 2016-10-10
themoviedb icon 6.7/10
  • Страна: BR
  • Язык: Português
  • Длит.: 95

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