Justified Betrayal

Justified Betrayal (2006)

خيانة مشروعة

In this intriguing and entertaining thriller, Khalid Youssef tells the story of a young, rich man (Hani Salama) who kills his wife and his brother when he finds them in bed together. After he evades prosecution we start to wonder whether the killings were really spontaneous or if perhaps he had plotted everything in advance to get rid of both of them. Told from shifting perspectives in the style of Akira Kurosawa's Rashomon, including those of the hero, his mistress and a police detective investigating the case, the film moves around the murders cleverly, in a manner as unconventional and exciting as the story itself. Very convincing characters are involved in a game that requires a hefty dose of imagination from the audience. The film contains violence.

  • Khaled Youssef


Просмотры: 92
Премьера: 2006-12-13
  • Страна: EG
  • Язык: العربية
Hani Salama
Hani Salama
Hesham El-Beheiry
Hesham Selim
Hesham Selim
Mai Ezz Eldein
Mai Ezz Eldein

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