Farah (2004)


A millionaire residing in England, advised by friends to make a charity campaign for the children of the orphaned world. His first stop in Egypt, his birthplace, to which his son Ezz sends his son, to carry out this campaign, is received by the father's friend who was a partner in his business before leaving for London. Accompanied by his campaign. He visits a shelter and donates a million pounds to him, but this does not appeal to the girl Farah, who received a speech that attracts the attention of the press, stressing that they lack sympathy in the shelter. Boutros announces that the billionaire will host Farah to live with him throughout his stay in Cairo. The secretary, who knows him from a young age, tries to pay attention to him. Farah saves him from a global trap that wants to take his money. Farah can reconcile the secretary with Ezz. Ezz calls his father and tells him that he no longer has British citizenship, and he is proud of his Egyptian nationality.

Просмотры: 66
Премьера: 2004-05-27
  • Страна: EG
  • Язык: العربية
  • Длит.: 100

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