Instrucciones Para Mi Funeral

Instrucciones Para Mi Funeral (2012)

Instrucciones Para Mi Funeral

Chris, an exceptional student, is expelled from the school and suffers the neglect of the ones he loves after he commits a crime. Chris meets two lonely and dangerous new young friends that will lead him to explore the dark sides of his personality and to exploit his physical and emotional limits. The friends will experience a world without hope, living in a violent sociological environment that will create the conditions for the three of them to star looking for dead as the only one way of escape of their frustrated lives.

  • Sebastián Radic


Просмотры: 47
Премьера: 2012-10-15
  • Страна: CL
  • Язык: Español
  • Длит.: 110
Lorenza Izzo
Lorenza Izzo
Eusebio Arenas
Eusebio Arenas

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