درس خصوصي

درس خصوصي (2005)

درس خصوصي

Khososy a young who is living in the fifties of the 20th century in Egypt, one day he is mistaken for a man who wants to fight the British soldiers occupying Egypt, his father tries to smuggle him out of Egypt but the ship gets caught in Bermuda triangle and Khososy finds himself in the year 2005 of Egypt, trying to fit in the new time, he encounters many problems, he finds out that his children are now grown up and they in worse shape it can be, he tries to bring the back to the right way.

  • Sameh Abdel Aziz

Просмотры: 53
Премьера: 2005-11-23
  • Страна: EG
  • Язык: العربية
  • Длит.: 99

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