Boonchu 10

Boonchu 10 (2010)

บุญชู จะอยู่ในใจเสมอ

Boonchoke failed an entrance exam last year, but this year he makes it through into the medical school of a famous university in the north of Thailand. But the medicine he’s studying is not the modern one; it’s traditional herbal medicine. Boonchoke’s parents, Boonchu and Molee, agree to let their only son go live in Chiang Rai for his study. Boonchoke’s gang of friends organize a trip to see him off in the North, meanwhile Molee can’t stand the fact that her son is leaving her, and she rounds up her own gang of middle-age eccentrics to go with her to see Boonchoke at his new university. The trouble and the adventure are about to begin… The family fun of Boonchu that’s well-known among Thai audience is back in the new sequel of Thailand’s most popular comedy franchise.

  • Kiat Kitjaroen


Просмотры: 46
Премьера: 2010-08-05
themoviedb icon 7.0/10
  • Язык: ภาษาไทย

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