Dark Soul

Dark Soul (2008)


Enrico Russo rapes and slaughters children. A magistrate, a policeman and a psychiatrist try to arrest him, but it’s too difficult to identify a cancer that hides itself behind a normal life. Then, one day, Enrico meets Andrea, a 7 year old child, and falls in love with him. He wants to be Andrea’s good father, the good father he himself never had. But his emotional delirium isn’t able to hold back his animal instinct. By pure ‘chance’, the detectives find the monster in the act of his last execution. On time?

  • Raffaele Verzillo

Просмотры: 23
Премьера: 2008-08-28
themoviedb icon 7.0/10
  • Страна: IT
  • Язык: Italiano
Ettore Belmondo
Ettore Belmondo
Papà Andrea
Luca Ward
Luca Ward
Elisabetta Cavallotti
Elisabetta Cavallott...
Anna Polito
Nela Lucic
Nela Lucic

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