ఆరాధన (1976)


In a village which is located in a beautiful hilly area full of greenery and water bodies, there lives a villager called Gopi (N. T. Rama Rao) along with his sister Janaki (Vijaya Lalitha) by rearing goats. He leads a happy life by singing and playing the flute. Once Radha (Vanisri) a famous stage artist & singer comes to his village on break. There, she becomes interested towards Gopi by listening to his flute & music. They spend time together and Radha gradually becomes fascinated by him. Before she starts back, Gopi finally proposes to her and she gladly accepts.

  • B. V. Prasad


Просмотры: 68
Премьера: 1976-03-12
  • Страна: IN
  • Язык: తెలుగు
  • Длит.: 165

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