Saur Sepuh V: The Sky Roof Palace

Saur Sepuh V: The Sky Roof Palace (1992)

Saur Sepuh V: Istana Atap Langit

Buddhist monks Kampala (Golden Casmara) and Targhu (Hans Wanaghi) are traveling around seeking knowledge and expanding their martial arts skills in the lands they visit. Once they reach Malacca, they meet Datuk Saluntung (Baron Hermanto) and his wife Lasmini (Murti Sari Dewi). Upon learning that these two monks wish to meet Brama Kumbara (Fendy Pradana), Lasmini thinks she has found a way to take revenge. These two monks first meet up with Lasmini’s students in Jawadwipa. A fight ensues. Then Lasmini shows up and orders two of her students to report to Brama. The news that Lasmini has allied herself with two monks enrages Brama, but he is able to defeat them easily. Then Mantili (Elly Ermawatie) also becomes angry. However, Lasmini cannot be found. She disappeared after losing the battle. Brama then accepts a challenge by the two monks to test his martial arts skills against theirs. They battle for three days and nights, but nobody wins.

  • Torro Margens


Просмотры: 27
Премьера: 1992-09-01
themoviedb icon 6.0/10
  • Страна: ID
  • Язык: Bahasa indonesia
  • Длит.: 79

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