The Florence Foster Jenkins Story

The Florence Foster Jenkins Story (2016)

Die Florence Foster Jenkins Story

Florence Foster Jenkins is known as "the worst singer of all times" and yet she is a cult figure whose recordings still outsell many contemporary singers. Opera superstar Joyce DiDonato interprets the flamboyant "queen of dissonance". The involvement of the celebrated virtuoso makes it possible to contrast two different musical perspectives and gives viewers a vivid impression of the film's key conflict between inner delusion and external reality.

  • Ralf Pleger

Просмотры: 53
Премьера: 2016-11-10
themoviedb icon 6.0/10
  • Страна: DE
  • Язык: English | Deutsch
  • Длит.: 93
Joyce DiDonato
Joyce DiDonato
Florence Foster Jenkins

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