From Eva, with Love

From Eva, with Love (2014)

From Eva, with Love

Eva a beautiful Russian woman in her late 20's. She watched her mother die as a result of the policies of a pharmaceutical mogul refusing to ship his medicine to Russia based on the bottom line. Eva devises a plan to exact revenge on Stan McFadden of McFadden Industries. Stan is in bad health and completely dependent on the medicine that he stopped exporting to Eva's mother. He is a prisoner in his own mansion, living as an agoraphobic hoarder. Eva set her plans in motion, immediately upon arriving as Stan's Russian mail order bride. Their relationship is volatile and intense, with the last words Stan will ever hear coming from Eva as he is dyeing..'You took pills from my mother...I take pills from you.'

  • Norman Gregory McGuire

Просмотры: 68
Премьера: 2014-08-28
  • Страна: US
  • Язык: Pусский | English
  • Длит.: 24
  • Бюджет: $50,000
Allyn Carrell
Allyn Carrell
Eva's Mom
Gidget Taylor
Gidget Taylor
Miss Antwanette

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