الغرقانة (1993)


In one of the villages on the coast of South Sinai, where the Bedouin woman suffers a beautiful \ "rose \" from the grief and pain of the death of three of her husband, to become a widow uttered by everyone and accuse them of bringing drowsiness on men !! The \ "rose \" of the Sheikh \ "Hijab \" charming village wizard to ask him advice in deciphering her feelings in the age of young, convinced by the veil to marry him to cleanse of the curses chasing and agree forced to marry the old charlatan short-blowing youth and give birth to a child dwarf The father calls him "Mabrouk" and he is known to make miracles to get rid of his wealth by exploiting the need of simple people in the works of superstition and diction..

  • Mohamed Khan

Просмотры: 102
Премьера: 1993-10-04
  • Язык: العربية
  • Длит.: 100

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