Bauten für die Künste

Bauten für die Künste (2010)

Bauten für die Künste

In no other province have as many cultural buildings been erected in the last two decades as in Lower Austria.The documentary Building for the Arts presents a few outstanding examples of this cultural development.Starting with St. Pölten’s cultural district and the “Art Mile” in Krems, we show how contemporary architecture has uniformly established itself - from the revitalization of historic sites, including monasteries and castles, to the construction of sensational new buildings. The viewer will be led through the broad spectrum of exceptional building culture in Lower Austria, a culture which provides art, theater and music with the plentiful and spectacular stages it deserves.

  • Georg Riha


Просмотры: 43
Премьера: 2010-08-29
  • Страна: AT
  • Язык: Deutsch | English
  • Длит.: 25

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