The Goddess

The Goddess (2018)


Vaishnavee (The Goddess), (Sinhalese: වෛෂ්ණාවී) is a 2018 Sri Lankan Sinhala drama thriller film directed by veteran director Sumitra Peries and produced by Mano Nanayakkara. 1930’s, Sri Lanka. Partly a compelling domestic drama, and a demonic love story, the narrative follows a puppet-maker who’s set to be married to a young girl. Unfortunately, the girl elopes with her secret lover. Devastated, the grieving puppet-maker ends up carving a puppet in her likeness, which eventually comes to life, setting in motion a fantastical chain of events.

  • Sumitra Peries


Просмотры: 30
Премьера: 2018-04-05
  • Страна: LK
  • Язык: සිංහල

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