Li Ké Terra

Li Ké Terra (2010)

Li Ké Terra

The story of Miguel Moreira and Ruben Furtado, two Cape Verdean immigrant descendants who live in Portugal but have no legal documents. They are torn between the desire to be a full Portuguese citizen and the obstacles they find in their day to day. Proud of being who they are they keep on dreaming of their future reflecting their wishes for a better life. Above all, Michael and Ruben lead us to one question: What kind of identity has a stateless person?

  • Nuno Baptista
  • João Miller Guerra
  • Filipa Reis

Просмотры: 28
Премьера: 2010-10-21
themoviedb icon 7.0/10
  • Страна: PT
  • Язык: Português
  • Длит.: 65

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