Roméo Onze

Roméo Onze (2011)

Roméo Onze

Romeo11 is a frequent visitor to internet chat rooms and social networking sites, where he's been engaging in an ongoing flirtation with an attractive woman. But Romeo11 doesn't actually exist; he's the creation of Rami, a teenager who lives with his family in a Lebanese community in Montreal. Rami walks with a limp from an accident years ago, and his controlling father Ziad, who runs a small diner, insists on making Rami's choices for him. Ziad has decided his son will enroll in business school, but Rami, who is lonely and a bit of a dreamer, doesn't have his heart in it and often skips his community college classes. Rami's older sister and one of his few confidantes, prepares to get married, he begins wondering about what sort of a life he can make for himself, and when the young woman insists she wants to meet Romeo11 in person, he hatches a scheme to pass himself off as the character he's invented.

  • Ivan Grbovic


Просмотры: 67
Премьера: 2011-09-15
themoviedb icon 5.0/10
  • Страна: CA
  • Язык: Français | العربية
  • Длит.: 100
Inka Malovic
Inka Malovic

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