JerryMaja's Detective Agency - The First Mystery

JerryMaja's Detective Agency - The First Mystery (2018)

LasseMajas detektivbyrå - Det första mysteriet

The duo from the popular detective series gets their first serious job. The Hammurabi Contest stands a chance of becoming a great event at the school in Valleby. The prize is an ancient book containing the rules of solving disputes. Short before the contest starts, the book disappears in mysterious circumstances. Without the book, the contest will not take place! All the effort and dedication of pupils would be for nothing, and the school would lose its prestige. Jerry and Maja are involved from the very beginning, trying to find the lost book. Will the kids find the underlying cause of the case? A white dove will help them solve the mystery...

  • Josephine Bornebusch


Просмотры: 34
Премьера: 2018-06-01
  • Страна: SE
  • Язык: svenska
  • Длит.: 89
Johan Rheborg
Johan Rheborg
Tomas Norström
Tomas Norström
Jonas Karlsson
Jonas Karlsson

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