Fourteen Sucks

Fourteen Sucks (2004)

Fjorton suger

Fourteen-year-old Emma goes to a party with friends of her brother's and ends up passed out on a bed with an older boy who takes advantage of the situation. Later her brother Markus senses that something is wrong, but Emma keeps her thoughts to herself. She has trouble dealing with her own emotions. But then she meets Aron, an easy-going guy who spends his days on a skateboard.

  • Emil Larsson
  • Martin Jern
  • Filippa Freijd
  • Henrik Norrthon


Просмотры: 39
Премьера: 2004-10-29
themoviedb icon 4.6/10
  • Страна: SE
  • Язык: svenska
  • Длит.: 83

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