Den förtrollade vägen

Den förtrollade vägen (1986)

Den förtrollade vägen

Writer and psychiatrist Oscar Parland (1912-1997) narrates this nostalgic story about his early childhood memories and fantasies. Five-year-old Riki spends the summer of 1917 at his cosmopolitan family's summer house by the Gulf of Finland. Surrounded by other children and eccentric adults who speak Swedish, German and Russian, Riki also encounters some fantastic animal characters no one else is able to see.

  • Åke Lindman


Просмотры: 708
Премьера: 1986-12-29
  • Страна: SE, FI
  • Язык: suomi
  • Длит.: 99
Pirkko Mannola
Pirkko Mannola
Leif Wager
Leif Wager
Uncle Fabian

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