Yaji and Kita: Yasuda's Rescue

Yaji and Kita: Yasuda's Rescue (1927)

弥次喜多 尊王の巻

Yaji and Kita: Yasuda's Rescue is a 1927 black and white Japanese silent film directed by Tomiyasu Ikeda.[1] This comedy film showcases the comic talent of Denjiro Okochi, which contrasts markedly with his heroic performance in Oatsurae Jirokichi Koshi. The humorous exchanges with Goro Kawabe, his senior at Nikkatsu, can be priceless, with the expressions and movements of the two goofy characters making for pure, hilarious slapstick comedy. A 15-minute remnant of the film was released on DVD by Digital Meme with benshi accompaniment by Midori Sawato and Ryubi Kato.

  • Tomiyasu Ikeda

Просмотры: 21
Премьера: 1927-12-30
  • Язык: en
Kômei Minami
Kômei Minami
Toshizo Hijikata

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