The Savage Man

The Savage Man (1985)


The play played some evil human qualities and how justified by the devil and on the other side helps the angels away from these qualities in the examination between good and evil and the student here is Adam Abed Rabbo and the name also seems to have a meaning of man. The first lie (lying): Satan begins to try to facilitate lying before Adam , Which turns out to be lying to himself and not to the other; he believes that he is rich and does not need anything despite the lack of possession of the price of a dinner for him and his wife. Envy, sedition, doubt, betrayal and other inappropriate qualities were the questions that Adam tries to answer them and always helps Satan Implementation of the ring.

  • Mohamed Sobhi
  • Ahmed Badr El Din


Просмотры: 76
Премьера: 1985-09-11
  • Страна: EG
  • Язык: العربية
  • Длит.: 183

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