Mama America

Mama America (1998)

ماما أمريكا

Mama America play has to represent the star Mohamed Sobhi and his band. Dealt with the conditions of the Arab states after the loss of the Ottoman Caliphate (family benefits) and Muhammad Subhi embody the personal Egypt . This play showed the extremist view of western Arabs and predicted the events of 11 September , and reworked in the form of series Ayesh in a coma but has not received a success unlike the play.

  • Mohamed Sobhi


Просмотры: 72
Премьера: 1998-11-26
  • Страна: EG
  • Язык: العربية
  • Длит.: 227
Mohamed Sobhi
Mohamed Sobhi
عايش شحاتة منافع
Hanaa Al Shorbagi
Hanaa Al Shorbagi
اميرة كامل

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