Circus Freaks and Sideshows

Circus Freaks and Sideshows (2000)

Circus Freaks and Sideshows

A trip through the bizarre world of midgets, giants, tattooed ladies, and other human curiosities as we trace the colorful history of a distinctly American form of entertainment--the circus sideshow. From the 1840s when P.T. Barnum exhibited Tom Thumb to the last remaining shows struggling to survive at New York's Coney Island, we learn the truth behind the sideshow adage that freaks are not born, but rather created, as performers share their memories of the magical midway.

  • Arthur Drooker


Просмотры: 60
Премьера: 2000-12-04
  • Страна: US
  • Язык: en
  • Длит.: 50
David Ackroyd
David Ackroyd

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