A Moonless Night

A Moonless Night (2014)

Una Noche Sin Luna

A divorced taxi driver shows up with a black eye at the home of his ex-wife’s new family; he’s been invited to dinner and he desperately wants to reconnect with his young daughter. A professional magician’s car breaks down and he ends up spending an emotionally intense night with a young, widowed toll booth worker. A singer-songwriter serving a lengthy prison sentence is released for one night to perform at a local community centre. These three deeply engaging stories about yearning for connection unfold in parallel, one New Year’s Eve in a small town in central Uruguay, balancing the universality of human suffering with a powerful sense of hope.

  • Germán Tejeira


Просмотры: 41
Премьера: 2014-09-27
themoviedb icon 6.4/10
  • Страна: UY
  • Язык: Español
  • Длит.: 80

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