Angela Vode: Secret Memories

Angela Vode: Secret Memories (2009)

Skriti spomin Angele Vode

In the beginning of World War I, Filip, a Serbian headmaster of a primary school, is drafted. He has trouble leaving Lea, his Slovenian wife, since they have just recently moved to the village. Azem, the school caretaker, swears a besa (an Albanian oath, sworn on life itself), that he will take care of Lea. Coming from completely different cultures and environments, Catholic Lea and Muslim Azem are forced to live together. The relationship between them slowly develops into an unexpected and forbidden love.

  • Maja Weiss


Просмотры: 10
Премьера: 2009-01-01
  • Страна: SI
  • Язык: Slovenščina
  • Длит.: 110

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