The Blood of Hussain

The Blood of Hussain (1980)

The Blood of Hussain

A dramatic depiction of the life of Hussain, with allegorical references to the history of the Prophet Muhammad and his descendants. It is prophesied that Young Hussain will one day lead the impoverished masses to a better life. It is his brother, Hasan, however who gains in prominence and when the government is overthrown in a military coup, he tries to adapt. Hussain in the meanwhile gets married and leads a small band of rebels in an attempt to fight the military dictatorship.

  • Jamil Dehlavi


Просмотры: 17
Премьера: 1980-08-16
themoviedb icon 9.0/10
  • Страна: PK, GB
  • Язык: English | اردو
  • Длит.: 112
Kika Markham
Kika Markham

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