Versus (2007)


A young man, who just graduated from university, just started to work on his first job at an office. Although this is the moment he worked and studied for really hard, not long after a very unsatisfied feeling about his life starts to pop up. This feeling is visualized by a strange looking man who, from one day to another, starts to hit the young man randomly on his head with a newspaper. When the strange man proofs not to be easily get rid of, absurd situations follow that eventually drive the young man to revise choices that he made earlier in his life.

  • Daan Veldhuizen


Просмотры: 59
Премьера: 2007-06-30
  • Страна: NL
  • Язык: Nederlands
  • Длит.: 21
Sanneke Bos
Sanneke Bos
Mother Jilles

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