Witch Of Powell Forest

Witch Of Powell Forest (2020)

Witch Of Powell Forest

Accused of witchcraft, a beautiful woman (Debbie D) is chased into the forest where she dies in a quicksand bog. But her spirit lives on, seeking revenge, and longing for the touch of another woman. Four people enter her woods for a photo shoot. Barbara Joyce is the makeup person and believes the witch does indeed exist. Veronika Blu and Pamela Sutch are the models and Luke Marlowe is the photographer. Each faces the witch and dies a horrible death! Pam and Barbara sink in the quicksand while Veronika Blu is attacked by living vines, stripped naked, and then raped by the witch! Will the owner of the photography studio (Dean Paul) and his assistant (Elizabeth Raven) learn the truth of what happened to their friends and will they survive the answer? Plus see the featurette Deadly Vines starring Laura Giglio as a young woman who comes face to face with the living vines from Powell Forest! (full nudity, lesbianism, violence, living vines, quicksand)

  • Gary Whitson

Просмотры: 53
  • Язык: en
  • Длит.: 51

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