Kamay ni Satanas

Kamay ni Satanas (1950)

Kamay ni Satanas

Based on the serialized komiks novel by Pedrito Reyes published in Ilang-Ilang magazine in 1951, Kamay ni Satanas tells of Ka Berto, an aged “albularyo” or folk healer, who has a great love for Senyang, a young pretty lass, the daughter of his good friend. Fearing that he has no chance at all, he sells his right hand to the devil in exchange of youth, good looks and wealth. (cont. http://video48.blogspot.de/2010/04/kamay-ni-satanas-1950-komiks-serial-and.html)

  • Gerardo de Leon

Просмотры: 31
Премьера: 1950-01-01
  • Страна: PH

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