Crazy Love

Crazy Love (2005)

狂愛 死ぬまでにしたい4つのこと

Miwa is informed that her time is limited due to heart disease. Submitting a letter of resignation to her workplace, she says good‐bye to her boyfriend Shinji, afraid of becoming a burden to him. Throwing off Shinji's hand, Miwa sets off on a lonely journey. The one who comforts the broken‐hearted Shinji is his colleague, Kyoko. Soon, the two fall for each other and become lovers. Learning of their relationship, Miwa goes mad with jealousy. She tries to trap Shinji with whatever means she can. Becoming a stalker, Miwa persistently corners Shinji and Kyoko. How far will she go?

  • Takeshi Shouji
  • Masatsugu Asahi


Просмотры: 49
Премьера: 2005-03-24
  • Страна: JP
  • Язык: 日本語
  • Длит.: 85
Sola Aoi
Sola Aoi

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