G Kutta Se

G Kutta Se (2017)

G Kutta Se

In a small village not too far from Delhi, three lives explode around taboos of love and lust. Diksha, still just a girl, is caught unguarded on camera, besmirching the "honor" of her parents. Kiran, in love with the wrong boy, becomes the target of another man's lustful vengeance, "dishonoring" her family. And Virender, a young man cruising the streets at will, enjoys all the acts society forbids women, protecting or destroying their "honor" as he wills. Set in the badlands of Haryana, known for high rates of female feticide, G explores the murky world of sexual transgression and honor killings in India.

  • Rahul Dahiya


Просмотры: 67
Премьера: 2017-06-16
themoviedb icon 5.5/10
  • Страна: IN
  • Язык: हिन्दी
  • Длит.: 103

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