Fallen from Heaven

Fallen from Heaven (1990)

Caídos del cielo

An ambitious black comedy that tells three loosely related stories: a couple of elderly landowners, laid low by economic conditions and reformist politics, are trying to gather enough money to build themselves a marble tomb that would keep their remains in the style to which they still aspire; they give their now blind former housekeeper a pig that proves to be more trouble than it's worth as the effort to fatten it up destroys what little family the woman has; and one of the couple's tenants, who is presenter of a relentlessly optimistic radio self-help show, tries to put his own counsel into effect when he saves a young woman from suicide.

  • Francisco J. Lombardi

Просмотры: 66
Премьера: 1990-04-01
themoviedb icon 7.4/10
  • Язык: Español
  • Длит.: 121

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