Bad Attitude

Bad Attitude (1993)

Bad Attitude

Eddie Johnson is looking for a new line of work. He's a battle-scarred undercover cop, working in a universe where nothing seems to add up. It‘s Seattle‘s notorious Chinatown corridor, where women look like men, everyone has a hidden agenda, and anything that looks like salvation will probably pump you full of lead. When his partner is gunned down in a drug bust gone awry, Johnson is suspended for insubordination. But his thirst for the killer‘s trail remains at a lever pitch, especially when he meets Mai Lei (Gina Lim), the sexy assistant to an enigmatic preacher connected with murder. She's everything that Johnson wants; a pleasure-seeking jaguar who gets hotter near the smell of a Harley. Too bad she's a former hooker/assassin with a classified file at Army intelligence. Before he uncovers her deadly past, he'll undergo a major ATTITUDE adjustment.

  • Billy Cummings


Просмотры: 30
Премьера: 1993-12-01
  • Страна: US
  • Язык: English
  • Длит.: 87

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