The Decoy

The Decoy (1946)


Marja is a prostitute who has to run away, when her pimp Jussi robs and kills one of her costumers. She finds a hiding place in a mansion on the country side. Marja falls in love with the master of the mansion, but Jussi finds out Marjas whereabouts and comes to meet her.

  • Roland af Hällström

Просмотры: 37
Премьера: 1946-02-28
themoviedb icon 5.0/10
  • Страна: FI
  • Язык: suomi
  • Длит.: 77
Laila Jokimo
Laila Jokimo
Marja Linnoila
Eino Kaipainen
Eino Kaipainen
Antti Kaukonen

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