El factor Pilgrim

El factor Pilgrim (2001)

El factor Pilgrim

Once upon a time... There were four young men of different nationalities: Spanish, Italian, Swedish and British, a one-pound business deal that ends up becoming a one-hundred-thousand pound business deal, and a legend: The Legend of David Pilgrim. This is the basic idea behind The Pilgrim Factor, a story half-way between a comedy and a tale, about anonymous characters who accidentally happen to come across something that could prove doubtful the authenticity of the world's most famous rock group. All this takes place right in the centre of "Chicken Town"... a city where everything is possible... even a story like this one.

  • Alberto Rodríguez
  • Santi Amodeo

Просмотры: 32
Премьера: 2001-02-02
  • Язык: Español
  • Длит.: 87
Alex O'Dogherty
Alex O'Dogherty
Jons Pappila
Jons Pappila
Ambar Pool

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