Amor Proibido

Amor Proibido (2012)

Amor Proibido

Paul (Paulo Vilela), not gay assumed that shares a room with his heterosexual friend Daniel (Thierry Figueira). In the course of the plot, Paul falls in love with Daniel. Disgusted and surprised to discover the sexuality of his friend, Daniel turns away from him, which, sad and hurt, decides to confide in her best friend Marina (Giovanna Ewbank), which, until then, not knowing that Paul is gay, cultivates a passion for him. The story then goes on to mix many feelings: love, hate, prejudice and revenge.

  • Maciel Brum


Просмотры: 38
Премьера: 2012-05-29
  • Страна: BR
  • Язык: Português
  • Длит.: 20

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