Myselves : The Actress No Makeup Project

Myselves : The Actress No Makeup Project (2012)

나 나 나: 여배우 민낯 프로젝트

The actors start to shoot themselves after they receive the cameras. Kim Kkot-bee goes abroad to shoot her friends from Breathless. She throws parties with her friends there and shoots a film. She also has a good time with her dear sister and brother. When Seo Young-ju finished her busy life with a performance as an actress and an assistant director after shooting a film, Seo leaves on a trip overseas to hibernate. She is thinking what she as an actress should do for the health of the earth. But her loneliness cannot be solved. Yang Eun-yong loves someone, but cannot contact with him. She drinks because of her agony, but cannot resolve her loneliness and thirst easily. However, there is the film in the center of them. Though it is tough, they reveal and discover their new faces through their films, the source of their energy. There is something in the actresses in the shaking cameras; that is what they are looking for.

  • Boo Ji-young
  • Kim Kkobbi
  • Yang Eun-yong
  • Seo Young-ju
  • Kim Kkob-bi

Просмотры: 47
Премьера: 2012-08-23
  • Страна: KR
  • Язык: 한국어/조선말
  • Длит.: 89

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