The Battle of Bang Rajan

The Battle of Bang Rajan (1966)


This movie is about Bang Rajan village. This village is located north of Ayutthaya, the old capital of Siam, predecessor state to modern Thailand. The village played a famous role related to its resistance against the Burmese in the war that saw the destruction of Ayutthaya city in 1767. Tap is a Siamese soldier leader. Siamese people have internal conflicts while they are also fighting with Burma (พม่า). Siamese soldiers kidnap two ladies, who are Tap's sister and Tap's fiancee. They are raped. Tap has the difficult task to choose between rescuing his sister and fiancee or leading the villagers far from Burmese soliders. They take refuge inside Bang rajan village. They help and support each other. Siamese from various villages lure a group of Burmese soldiers with the promise of young women and then turn upon them and kill the whole group. This event leads the whole Burmese army to Bang Rajan.

  • Supan Prampan

Просмотры: 43
Премьера: 1966-12-31
  • Страна: TH
  • Язык: ภาษาไทย
  • Длит.: 36

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