To Love Ferrari

To Love Ferrari (2021)

To Love Ferrari

Just like many young girl, Vivian always dream of having a Ferrari and being a popular singer. One day, she runs into her childhood friend Seiko and meets Seiko's boy friend Bill and Bill's friend Columbus. Bill falls in love with Vivian at first sight, and Columbus promises to arrange an audition for Vivian. Everything seems fine and Vivian is one step away from her dream. But right at this moment, Vivian losses her eyesight and abducted by some drug dealer at the same time. Is Vivian going to make her dream come true? Or is there a shattered dream waiting for her?

  • Ricky Chan

Просмотры: 36
  • Язык: en
  • Длит.: 90
Vivian Chow
Vivian Chow

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