The Date Movie

The Date Movie (2003)

The Date Movie

“Two wannabe ‘gangsta’ white boys share a trailer – and a case of squirrel-influenced stomach flu. An old man channels the spirit of a horse known as Mr. Ted and writes a hate-filled tome in the steed’s name. Two meth dealers discover a rat in their lab and one adopts it as his very own pet. A young man must face the fact that his mother is a whore and his father is her pimp. A middle aged man must face the fact that his mother is dying of emphysema and losing her marbles. And what do they all have in common, aside from an addictive need to drink the latest alcohol-laced specialty beverage, Pussy Juice? Why, it’s the unending craving for sex and/or sexual fulfillment – and sometimes, not in the way “normal” people view such biological and physiological desires.” (review excerpt by Bill Gibron)

  • Giuseppe Andrews

Просмотры: 17
Премьера: 2003-01-01
  • Язык: en

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