REM: This Film Is On

REM: This Film Is On (1991)

REM: This Film Is On

This 50-minute release features promotional videos to the band's four singles from Out of Time ('Losing My Religion', 'Shiny Happy People', 'Near Wild Heaven' and 'Radio Song') in addition to videos to the album tracks 'Low', 'Belong', 'Half A World Away' and 'Country Feedback'; an acoustic performance of 'Losing My Religion' from The Late Show; and a live acoustic performance of 'Love Is All Around' from MTV Unplugged. Also included is 'Endgame', an instrumental track, played over the feature's credits; and several avant-garde clips, ranging from ten seconds to one minute, playing in between each song. This incidental footage was directed by Michael Stipe.

  • Beth McCarthy-Miller
  • Katherine Dieckmann
  • Sharon Maguire
  • Jeff Preiss
  • Jim McKay
  • Jem Cohen
  • Peter Carey
  • James Herbert

Просмотры: 45
Премьера: 1991-09-24
  • Язык: English
  • Длит.: 50

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